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About Kassandra

Hi, I'm Kassandra Timm, a professional Voice over artist and project manager in San Diego, CA.

When I'm not in the recording booth or managing a project you can find me on the beach, doing Yoga, or dancing...yes DANCING, I love music and moving to it whenever possible.  I'm married to a German Scuba and Freediving Instructor Trainer who works with the local Life Guard Stations, Military trainees, and civilians.  We love spending time together locally and on beautiful beaches around the world anytime we can.

As a natural born manager and professional working with direct sales companies and software companies for over 15 years, I'm well versed in many different industries and highly enthusiastic about helping people express their projects through voice over.

I have a professional home studio, and I'm ready to help you bring your words to life today.  You can count on me to communicate in a friendly and professional manner, and approach your project with care.  Contact me today to get started!

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